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St Helier

Church History

Church Records

Church of England

St Helier: The Town Church Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1596. Indexed to 1842. Gap in Baptisms Index 1752-1773.

The Guernsey Seociety web site has an index of St Helier baptisms registered from 1842 to 1909 - PDF transcripts of the registers are linked from the Baptism Notes section. I have a report of a baptism in the transcripts not appearing in the index, so check carefully!

St Helier Later Parishes (created when the Town Church was no longer big enough): St Mark, St James, St Paul, St Jude, All Saints, St Simon, St Andrew, St Luke. All of these Ecclesiastical Parishes commenced operation after 1842 and therefore their registers are at the Superintendant Registrar's Office.

Garrison Registers Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1784-1817.

General Hospital Baptisms 1838-1878, many foundlings named after where they were found, for example 'Jean de la Porte' would translate as John of the Door.


Roman Catholic: St Thomas 1792-1901 Baptisms, Marriages and Burials all mixed up together and often only partly legible. Mostly French, some Irish. Photocopy of originals. Indexed from 1792-1800 only.

St Mary and St Peter's 1811 to date. Only baptisms from 1811-1900 have been indexed - mostly Irish and English. All entries are in Latin.

Independant Chapels: Halkett Place. Baptisms and Marriages 1809 to date, indexed from 1809-1900.

All Non-Conformist post-1842 registers are at the Superintendant Registrar's Office this includes Quakers and those of the Jewish faith.


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